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meet people, have fun, Learn stuff!

The 2017 Festival was a HUGE success

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and go so well

Now on to planning for 2020...!

And there will be some events and other activities in between to help keep and build up momentum.

About the Ashton Keynes Music & Arts Festival

Back in 2004 some visionary local enthusiasts thought it might be a good idea to hold a music festival.

They managed to involve a whole bunch of other villagers and the first festival took off in June 2005.  


A huge amount of creativity and community spirit was unleashed in the village.

We haven't stopped since! 


So much so that it has become a tri-annual Music & Arts event.

A major legacy of the 2005 Music Festival was the emergence of The Big Brunch Band.

In 2008 the festival grew a bit more and saw the birth of The Magnificent AK47, the singing blokes of Ashton Keynes and beyond.

In 2011 the big legacy act were The Ukey Dukes.

In 2014 we just had a very good time.

In 2017 we saw The AKsionals formed "for one night only" and still going strong and looking for more gigs!


For the 2017 event the Ashton Keynes Music & Arts Festival expanded to include other art forms, representing the wide range of interests in the village and to create a platform to showcase everyone's talents.

we are all about being social 

We are a very sociable bunch in Ashton Keynes - see some of our posts on social media and subscribe to our channels for your own updates.

About the Ashton Keynes Festival 2020

The 2020 Festival may still be over a year away, but a few enthusiastic souls are already beginning to think about plans for what might happen.

Ideas being discussed include expanding the scope of the Festival, beyond just music and arts, to incorporate many other aspects of creativity in the village.

Possible areas include:

  • Food and drink

  • More "Ashton Keynes Shows Off" for more hobbies

  • Some historical and heritage aspects

  • An update to the Millennium Book 20 years on

  • Sport related activities

... and any other ideas to celebrate life in our locality.

It's all up for grabs, so if you have any good ideas Contact us

A few events are being organised in 2019 to help raise awareness of any event in 2020 so watch out for them on our Box Office page.

Here's looking forward to another great set of events.