Creative writing


All the best stories start from ‘What if?’. What if a fairy grandmother turned up to get me to the ball and I met a prince? What if a wolf ate Grandma?

Enjoy a relaxed Sunday afternoon, tap into your creative side and learn how to make your writing come to life.


These monthly practical writing workshops are designed to give tips and new ideas to entrants in the festival writing competition.


But they’re open to everyone who wants to learn some of the secrets that can lift a scene right off the page.


They are not classroom learning. Through fun prompts and open discussion, you’ll write with a new freedom and learn some easy creative writing tools along the way.


Just as an art class can teach you new skills with a brush and colours, you’ll learn to paint fascinating pictures with words.


We’ll look at

  • How to build a character

  • How to create a story arc         

  • How to use all five senses to create a scene

  • How to show, not tell


But mainly how to have fun with words.

Monthly workshops on March 19 and April 23, at The White Hart, continuing monthly, all FREE.

Further dates will be added.


For more details contact Meg Davis-Berry on 01285 861343 or