How can you get involved?

Getting involved in the Village Festival is one of the most fun things you could do!


You will meet all sorts of new people in the local community and have an unforgettable experience.

Are you a musician?


We are looking for musicians, specifically for the Friday Night Live and the Family Tea in the Park events. 


Please get in touch if:

  • You’re in a band (at least two members need to hail from the village)

  • You're a musician who'd like to perform as a soloist. Or we can hook you up with like-minded artists to form a band. 


Previous festivals have seen acts like The Magnificent AK47, The Big Brunch Band and the Ukey Dukes either form or take off on the local music scene.  This could be your year!

Do you have a talent?

If you have a talent…gardening, arts, crafts, music or a hobby such as bee keeping, framing or stamp collecting, please don’t be shy! 

Get involved!


We’d LOVE to display your work, hear you talk or have you perform at one of the events – you might be 5 or 105, everyone is welcome.

Would you like to volunteer?

We also need volunteers to help run the festival.  It’s a great opportunity to make new friends. We need bar staff, doormen, ticket takers, food preppers, people to set up and clear down events, glass washers and others.

Now’s the time to get in contact! Or you know someone who’d be a perfect fit for the festival, drop us an email


Spread the word – we always get people at the event saying they had wished they’d know about performing.

"We don't use the Committee word, we have Core co-ordinating team and a gang of great people who provide 'services' to support events and individually organise by event to make it easier.  That way together we all achieve more".

A member of the Core Organising Team

"The Ashton Keynes Festival has quite literally changed my life... I'm now out two or three nights a week doing music with a great bunch of people". 

A member of the village.

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How about helping with funding the event an event?